Its so hot in Berlin

We’re half way through recording a new record. All the music is down. We’re taking a few days off and then we start doing all the vocals! Fun times xx

New record

We are recording the follow up to Lily of the Valley in one months time!! So excited…..
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The last two years of our lives have been leading up to this point….. we just delivered an album of demos to our label and management. Feels good.


Inbetween times

We just finished touring until we finish our new record. It’s was really fun touring Lily. We got to play to and meet a lot of nice people. Thank you everyone who came to see us play or liked the record.

We have been busy writing new songs since before Lily was released. It’s been a very different process. A lot of exploration and loads of material to sift through. We’re nearly finished writing. That doesn’t mean it will be out next week. We’ve been demoing in our homes and will bring it into a studio before we bring it to you guys. It’s fun times to be back here again…. We’ll keep you guys in the loop on how everything is going.

love love fs

set list

August Shows

Hey People,

We’ll be playing some shows in Europe in August. Some of the dates are below and we might even announce some more soon. We can’t wait to get back on the road and test out some new songs

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1 August 2014 – Charleville Castle ,Tullamore, Ireland

9 August 2014 – Boardmasters ,Newquay, UK

18 August 2014 – Lilla Hotellbaren Scandic Malmen ,Stockholm, Sweden

19 August 2014 – VEGA ,Copenhagen, Denmark

21 August 2014 – C/o Pop Festival ,Cologne, Germany

22 August 2014 – Marbach-Stausee im Odenwald ,Frankfurt, Germany

23 August 2014 – obstweisen festival ,Ulm, Germany

24 August 2014 – Gigant ,Apeldoorn, Netherlands

27 August 2014 – Exit07 ,Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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